Friday, October 30


love notes make it all better!

Saturday, October 24

conversations with B

Me: "B, will you please put the seat down after you go to the bathroom?"
B: "I guess so, but it's so gross. I don't like to touch it."
(wtf?? didn't you have to touch it to raise it??)

Tuesday, October 13

Sunday, August 30

sandpaper, bacon grease and litter

These have been 2 very busy weeks for Emma. She started out by watching me work on some jewelry last week. I thought she was just being sweet by putting her head in my lap while I was working, but it turns out she was trying to to get to my sandpaper. She was very careful to watch which drawers I was opening to get the sandpaper from. I didn't understand why she was shoving her head in the drawer every time it opened but, a few days later I understood why. She likes to eat sandpaper. Well, she mostly sucked and chewed on it. (I caught her trying to open the drawer like a human.... she's brilliant!) A few days later, while we were at work, Emma knocked over a container of B's used bacon grease and ATE the WHOLE THING!!! (I'm sure Matilda helped herself some too). Finally she ended this week by not once BUT twice tipping over the cat litter pan and eating every morsel of poop she could find. She somehow felt is was necessary to spread it all over the floor. YUCK!!

Saturday, August 8

he loves his bacon

B really likes bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon. He even has a little song and a dance that he does when he's cooking it. It goes a little like this "gonna make some bacon, gonna make some bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, missy gonna have some bacon, missy extra crispy, crispy missy bacon". I wonder if he likes when the bacon fat snaps and spatters on his bare chest while he's cooking.

Friday, July 31


I'm going to be helping my mom paint her house this weekend in Houston so Brian will be home alone all weekend. When he found this out he was so excited, he did a little dance. Who knew he couldn't stand me so much?? I predict he's going to leave all the curtains and blinds shut so the house turns into a cave. Next he will turn the air down to 60 and no lights will be turned on except for the glowing screen of his laptop. He will consume 4.5 beers each night and have a few shots of whisky to wash down his sun chips and bacon. He may go outside saturday but that will just be to buy more bacon. Finally, his man weekend will end when I return home to clean it all up.

Monday, July 27

before and after

I painted the "office" a lime-ish green color. It looks fabulous during the day and a little funky with 'fake' lighting at night. I heard green was a creative color and I thought it would work for jewelry making and for studying. So far so good. Brian hasn't failed anything yet and I haven't ruined a piece of jewelry. We're bating 1,000 so far.
The kitty litter is no longer in that room and Brian is quite pleased. There's nothing quite as horrible as sawdust kitty poop between your toes.

Where o where is Mr. Lou?

Ha! I couldn't find the cat for about an hour. I was convinced Emma ate him.

Monday, July 6

trying to get along

There was bloodshed this week. It seems Emma is very territorial when it comes to her food container, her toy box and her bowl of food. If anyone so much as walks into the room where those items are she loses her mind. Last week, Matilda stood a little too close and nearly had her cute little nose ripped off. One of Emma's teeth got lodged in Matilda's chin and blood was pouring all over the floor. Matilda is no saint because the girl can fight back. If ever you have been around two dogs fighting, you know it's quite scary. My blood was pumping and my adrenaline shot through the roof when I saw the blood. I started yelling "stop it" and I think I probably escalated the situation. 10 minutes later the bitches were laying next to each other as if the explosion had never happened and I was still trying to get my heart to settle down and my hands to stop shaking. I think it hurt me more than it did them.

Wednesday, June 24

la la la la la

There's a lot of singing in the house. It's ususally a combination of "missy, missy, missy" and "Emma puppin stink" (that's a song about Emma) and "ma-na-na" (that's a call for Matilda). The rhythm changes from time to time and the duration and loudness depends on the time of day. In the morning, there is a ban on singing. By the afternoon, the songs pick up and by evening time we're both singing at max levels. Well, really it's just Brian. I do sing along sometimes. Today, at work, I found myself humming the "puppin stink" song.

Saturday, June 20

learning to share

Even though Brian an I are having trouble getting along in these 900 sq ft.... Emma and Matilda seemed to have figured out the sharing thing.  

was fun while it lasted

Looking for a place to rent
(Brian typed this ;) )

Thursday, June 18

omg, omg, omg!

When I went to let Emma out of the backyard she shot off towards the neighbors house instead of coming inside.  She was in hot pursuit of their cat, which, thankfully ended up a tree.  I was still in my pajamas (sans bra) running across the street and with loudest voice (which is not hard for me) screaming for Emma to come back..  She made it into these peoples backyard!!  I was mortified.  What a way to greet your neighbors.  Luckily, I didn't have to meet them and hide the fact that my boobs were almost down to my waist because she quickly ran back to the front and into our house.  I'm debating whether I should feed her dog food with nails and poison in it or if I should just starve her?  

Tuesday, June 9


Emma has never been around my cat Lou.  Rememeber him?  He's the one afraid of his own shadow.  Well, these last few days he's been pretty brave and walked by Emma a few times (of course behind the safety of the magical plastic gate).  Emma is a Harrier aka "poor man's hunting dog" and I'm convinced she's trying to hunt Lou.  Emma is about to be the hunted if she follows through. ;)
Brian bought this bed for Emma.  Clearly Matilda doesn't care.

all moved in

It took us 4 whole days to move all of our things to the new house.  4 DAYS!!  That's the longest time it has ever taken 2 people to move.  We pretty much have double of everything and had to make a few trips to Goodwill to dump some junk.  There was a lot of disagreeing during the move and apparently I don't know how to speak my mind quietly enough.  I was told to lower my voice through clenched teeth at least twice ...yikes.  All is well now.  We're still sorting through boxes of STUFF.  Stuff we couldn't decide on and decided we'd look through it later.  There are a lot of these piles throughout.

Tuesday, June 2

what we're up against




We've been packing lots this week.  Mister Lou has decided he would like to help.

Sunday, May 31

the week before the move

We started dating about 2 years ago and just recently decided to move in together.....  "GASP".  Not only do we have each have very large personalities, but we also have 2 insane dogs with even bigger personalities.  Oh yeah, then there's Mister Lou 'Scared of His Own Shadow' Kitty Cat.